Johan Malmberg

CIO and Head of Business Development

08-518 331 02

CIO and Head of Business Development at Stendörren since 2020. Previously Head of Transactions at Stendörren from 2020 to February 2022.

Born in 1974.

Education: Economics graduate from the University of Gävle and qualified real estate broker.

Other significant assignments: None.

Professional experience: Most recently served as Head of Business Development at Fastighets AB Förvaltaren (a real estate company). Prior to joining Stendörren, Johan worked as an independent advisor for two listed real estate companies, Hemfosa and Diös. He has also worked as an advisor at the real estate consulting service providers Tenzing and Catella, and at Swedbank Corporate Finance. He has participated in a large number of real estate and capital market transactions in over 20 years in the market.

Holding: 4,250 class B shares and 10,000 warrants.


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