Investment Case

4 good reasons
to own Stendörren shares


Stable cash flow

Stendörren’s portfolio comprises high yielding logistics, warehouse and light industrial properties with long leases. The tenant base is diversified and consists of both well-established small to medium sized companies and large multinational businesses from different industries.


Sustainable growth

Stendörren’s properties strategically located in growth areas (population and economic) in the Greater Stockholm, the Mälardalen region and other Nordic growth regions. Rent levels are increasing as demand for logistics and light industrial premises in urban locations increases, while supply is decreasing with urbanization leading to conversions to other use. Growing e-commerce increases the demand for logistic and warehouse properties, especially in urban locations, to meet consumer demand on short delivery times. Further growth is achieved via acquisitions and operational improvements.



The Stendörren project pipeline contains opportunities for green field development of prime logistics, as well as infill development of light industrial assets. In addition, the conversion of properties for alternative use, primarily residential purposes, provides further upside potential.


high and robust returns

Stendörren has bank debt from several of the leading Nordic banks with capital market based financing as complement (senior unsecured bonds and hybrid bonds). Finance policy is to balance risk (leverage and refinancing risks).


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