Stendörren’s development of project properties is primarily customer-driven. The focus is to offer both current and new tenants existing properties that can be modernized or entirely new assets. In order to maximize value, Stendörren rezone selected properties primarily to create residential building rights. All this, with the aim of offering sustainable, modern and built-to-suit premises and housing in attractive locations. Right now, we have around ten ongoing projects and the two largest are being presented below. For more information about our projects, please contact our Head of Development – Maria Jonsson,

Almnäs, Stockholm South

In Almnäs in Stockholm South, one of Stockholm’s most attractive and expansive logistics locations, Stendörren has high ambitions for sustainability, function and flexibility regarding the company’s property development. New development of logistics properties and small warehouse and light industrial properties is in progress.The first logistics building of approximately 11,500 sqm is fully developed and are available from April 2023. The first small warehouse and light industrial building of 2,300 sqm will be available from September 2023.

Greenhub Bro, Upplands Bro

GreenHub Bro is strategically located in the Mälardalen growth region. GreenHub is connected to Mälarbanan via its own railway and also linked to road networks in all directions, enabling distribution to cities all over Sweden as well as other Nordic countries. Stendörren has an existing logistics facility of about 130,000 sqm that are available from 2025. The space is divided between several buildings, including two large buildings of 88,000 and 33,000 sqm, respectively, with an option to subdivide into smaller premises.


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