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Welcome to Easy Office by Stendörren


Welcome to Easy Office, our accessible office hotel offer. At our Easy Office, we offer office rooms where you can quickly and easily get started with work. Our office hotels offer internet, furniture in your own office room and you also get access to common areas such as conference rooms, kitchens and lounge groups. It is possible to rent several rooms depending on your needs.

To make your working days easier, coffee, cleaning of public areas,
consumables, electricity, heating are included in the offer. You do not need different supplier
and service agreements and we are available if something doesn’t work as it should.

If you’re interested in our Easy Office premises, please visit our Swedish website.

Available in sizes:

  • Small 8-13 sqm
  • Medium 14-24 sqm
  • Large 25-40 sqm

The Easy Office-package includes:

  • Bookable meeting and conference rooms
  • Furnished workplace (with option to bring own furniture)
  • Internet via fiber
  • Coffee and tea
  • Kitchen with fridge and microwave
  • Cleaning of public areas
  • Consumables
  • 24 hour access to the office.


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