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Interim report Jan-Mar 2024

The interim report for January–March 2024 was published on Friday May 3 at 07.00 CEST

Telephone conference and webcast: at 10.00 CEST the same day

Video - Interim report Jan-Mar 2024

May 3, 2024, at 10:00 a.m. CEST

Four good reasons to invest in Stendörren

Stable cash flow

Stendörren’s portfolio comprises high-yield logistics, warehouse and light industrial properties with long-term leases. The tenant base is diversified and consists of well-established small to medium-sized companies and large multinational businesses from various industries.

Strong growth

Stendörren’s properties are strategically located in growth areas (in terms of population and economy) in Greater Stockholm, the Mälardalen region and other Nordic growth regions. Rent levels are rising as demand for logistics and light industrial premises in urban areas increases, while supply is declining through urbanization, leading to the conversion of properties for other uses. E-commerce growth is boosting demand for logistics and warehouse properties, particularly in urban locations, in response to consumer demand for short delivery times. Further growth is achieved through acquisitions and operational improvements.

Value growth in project

Stendörren’s project portfolio contains opportunities for new developments of fi rst-rate premises in logistics and light industrial properties. Moreover, the conversion of properties for alternative uses, primarily residential purposes, offers further potential.

Stable financial position

Stendörren has a stable financial position with a carefully considered mix of equity and bank loans from several of the leading Nordic banks and capital market financing as a complement (senior unsecured bonds and hybrid bonds). The company’s financial policy means that the risks (lending and refinancing risks) are well balanced.



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