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Our history

Stendörren Fastigheter AB (publ) is an expansive property company listed on Nasdaq Stockholm Mid Cap. Our business concept is to create profitable growth in net asset value by managing, developing and acquiring properties and building rights within logistics, warehouse and light industry in Nordic growth regions. When commercially viable, we rezone such existing properties to create residential building rights for further in-house development and management, mainly in Greater Stockholm and the rest of the Mälardalen region.


The company receives its first building permit for residential units, comprising a total of 326 apartments and a parking garage in Botkyrka. Stendörren also establishes itself in Helsinki in July 2022. The company’s portfolio increases to 146 with a total property value of SEK 12.7 billion at the end of the third quarter.


Stendörren’s acquisition activity increases significantly and the number of properties in the portfolio increases to 135 with a total property value of SEK 11.7 billion at the end of the year. Acquisitions are made in Borås but also for the first time outside Sweden – in Copenhagen and Oslo. Bonds for a total of SEK 1.3 billion are issued during the year, which enables a higher growth rate. The dividend policy is adjusted and a new financial target is added – the annual growth in long-term net asset value should exceed 15 percent. The company decides to develop 350 appartments in Botkyrka and a building permit is obtained. In addition, the company receives building permits for a number of other facilities in warehousing, logistics and light industry around Mälardalen.


Erik Ranje takes over as the new CEO and the company’s management team is renewed. The Group’s property value rises and amounts to SEK 9.5 billion at the end of the year. Rental income increases by 7 percent to SEK 631 million and operating net increases by 21%, despite an outbreak of pandemic with major effects for tenants and society in general.


The company’s property value grows to SEK 8.6 billion, with a property portfolio of 122 properties. During the year, the company issues a hybrid bond which entails financing of SEK 800 million and a significant strengthening of the company’s equity / assets ratio.


The company’s shares are traded from April 10 2018 on Nasdaq Stockholm’s main list. Several properties are acquired, and the rental income increases by 19% during the year, the property portfolio now consists of 121 properties with a property value of 8.4 billion. On November 27, EQT Real Estate announces a public cash offer to the shareholders in Stendörren and at the end of the year EQT Real Estate controls 57.2% of the votes in the company.


Stendörren continues the work to develop Nygård’s industrial area and launches it under the name GreenHub Bro – it will be Sweden’s most modern and greenest logistics center.

Stendörren continues its growth journey and now has 100 properties with a rentable area of 603,000 sqm and a property value of approx. 6.5 billion.


Stendörren expands its presence in Upplands-Bro municipality and begins development to create a new logistics center in Nygård’s industrial area.

In September, the company also receives a go-ahead decision from Botkyrka municipality for the development of a new detailed plan for the property Tegelbruket 1. The proposal for a new detailed plan includes approximately 800 new residential apartments as well as premises for retail use and other activities.

Stendörren now owns 95 properties with a value of SEK 5.8 billion. The company launches its first “Point house” in Nacka, developed according to a new concept for upgrading industrial properties and offices in attractive geographical locations.


The company continues to grow by acquiring more properties, while at the same time the process of building up an organization continues with e.g., the development of an own rental organization.

Stendörren strengthens its geographical footprint in Mälardalen by acquiring its first property in Uppsala and now owns properties worth 5.4 billion.


Stendörren is listed on First North on the Stockholm Stock Exchange with a property portfolio of 2.2 billion and approx. 275,000 sqm of lettable area. At the same time, the building of an own organization begins.

The company begins a strong growth journey thanks to a high transaction rate, the property value doubles to 4.4 billion and the property portfolio now consists of 75 properties in Greater Stockholm and the Mälardalen region.