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Stendörren has a sustainability strategy that is based on long-term work to gradually raise ambitions by 2030. These efforts are headed and coordinated by the company’s Sustainability Council, whose work is governed by the guidelines and policies adopted by the company’s Board and CEO. The materiality analysis forms the foundation of the company’s sustainability strategy and is based on Stendörren’s potential and actual impact on its surroundings and its stakeholders.

Policy documents and code of conduct

To ensure that our sustainability practices are complied with throughout the organization, there are several policy documents in place. They describe, among other things, how we should work to minimize the risk of corruption, poor conditions in relation to human rights and our environmental impact. All policy documents are revised continuously and at least once a year. In addition, Stendörren has adopted both an internal and external code of conduct for business partners. The code of conduct is based on international conventions, codes and laws and is based on the UN Global Compact’s ten principles for sustainable development.