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We strive to be strategically forward-looking and monitor the market to minimize the risks in our value chain and organization.

Stendörren strives to be strategically forward-looking and to have a good understanding of the market and societal development that the company finds itself in. At the same time, we monitor risks and uncertainty factors in the market and make sure to build an organization with well-functioning support processes, routines and policy documents. Operational excellence also means that we strive to become fossil fuel independent and make sustainable choices when traveling on business. We have a close dialogue with suppliers and are gradually working to ensure that all major suppliers sign our code of conduct. Stendörren works actively to minimize all forms of corruption, bribery and irregularities, both in its own operations and in the value chain, by having robust processes and routines in place. We also have an external whistleblower function where crime, irregularities, violations or other actions that violate national or EU legislation can be reported confidentially.


  • Suppliers to Stendörren’s operations within management and development must sign the company’s Code of Conduct.
  • All vehicles are to be fossil-free by 2025.
  • Avoid flying whenever practically possible.

Attractive employer

The business is built and developed by motivated and talented employees, together with suppliers and partners.

Our employees are crucial to our success and growth. The business is built by motivated and competent people who, together with external parties, develop Stendörren’s business. Well-being and health within the organization is therefore something we strongly cherish, and annual pulse surveys are conducted to catch any negative trends.The pulse surveys are conducted in the form of a questionnaire where employees estimate stress, workload and well-being. In order to run an inclusive business, gender equality and diversity are two important aspects to take into account, something that is being done in the pulse surveys that are conducted twice a year by all employees.

Our employees take part in our code of conduct when they start their employment with us, and during their time at Stendörren, employees are offered relevant training to continue their development within the company.


  • Ongoing work against discrimination and annual follow-up, feedback on equality and non-discrimination.
  • Strive for equality and diversity among all professional categories with the goal of a 40/60 gender distribution for management executives by 2025 at the latest.
  • Achieve an eNPS score of at least 40 in the annual employee surveys.
  • All employees are to complete training in the Code of Conduct.

Social responsibility

We are a committed and responsible participant in urban development that works together with municipalities and customers to create premises that make a difference.

We are a committed and responsible participant in urban development that works together with municipalities and customers to create premises that make a difference. We engage in local entrepreneurship with the aim of creating the right type of pleasant premises and demand projects to create safe green environments for residential tenants. We see great advantages in having a close dialogue with the tenants, as it provides a good understanding of their needs and expectations on us as a landlord. Within the framework social responsibility, we work to create job opportunities for people who are outside the labor force. This is being done by providing traineeships and practical learning. We continue to play an active part in Sustainable Stockholm 2030 (HS30) industry initiative to provide a better foundation for social sustainability, particularly in respect of residential buildings but also other property segments.


  • Create job opportunities for people far from the labour force.

Resource efficiency

By reducing our emissions and waste while streamlining the properties' energy consumption, Stendörren's total climate and environmental impact can be reduced.

Within the framework of resource efficiency, energy efficiency measures are implemented and optimized on a regular basis.  When we enter new contracts, only renewable origin-labeled electricity is procured and due to this we see an increased share of renewable energy within the company. We cooperate with our tenants through green leases, which creates good cooperation opportunities to reduce the total environmental impact from the properties as well as reduce the emissions from our tenants’ operations. In order to ensure the quality of our work, we have chosen to continuously certify existing properties and new construction according to BREEAM In-Use and BREEAM SE, respectively, with the ambition to at least reach level “Very Good”. In some cases, the Swan environmental certification is also used.

Stendörren’s direct and indirect carbondioxide emissions are mapped annually, and the ambition is to highlight all emissions that occur in the company’s value chain and not just those that are directly linked to the company’s management. Just as other real estate companies the largest emissions occur within Stendörren’s new development expansions of existing buildings and renovations of old buildings.

Our long-term goal is to reduce emissions, primarily within new development with the aim to reach net-zero emissions by 2030.


  • Reduce energy intensity (kwh/sqm) by at least 30% by 2030 (baseline year 2020).
  • 70% of the property portfolio (sqm) are to have environmental certification by 2025.
  • 100% of new developments and major refurbishments are to have environmental certification.
  • Enable increased recycling of tenants’ waste.
  • Minimize construction waste from new development <1% to landfill, by 2030.
  • 100% fossil free energy by 2030 (purchased by Stendörren).
  • Reduce carbon footprint in new development by at least 40% kgCO2/sqm GFA by 2030 (baseline years 2022).

Future proofing

To ensure a future-proof property portfolio, we work with climate risk assessment and continuously report in accordance with TCFD.

In order to be able to make informed decisions regarding the property portfolio, a sufficient understanding of how the properties are affected and will be affected by climate change is required. We have therefore started a climate risk analysis that is based on the framework Task force on Climate related Financial Disclosure (TCFD), where the entire portfolio is continuously reviewed. We have compiled the physical- and the transition risks for the Swedish portfolio and with data from SMHI (the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute) carried out a mapping of which climate risks especially affects the standing assets and how the company has an impact on the climate.. Stendörren’s properties are estimated to be affected by, among other things, the expected increased rainfall but also the rising temperatures that may have an impact on the properties’ energy consumption. Evaluating our property portfolio based on climate risks is an ongoing work and a prerequisite for us to make smart investments in the future.


  • Include relevant TCFD-indicators and report according to TCFD.
  • Net-zero carbon emissions target validated by the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi).

Key figures

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