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Net-zero carbon emissions through the whole value chain by 2040

Our sustainability strategy is to contribute to a sustainable development of its own operations and society at large. We have identified five focus areas where Stendörren, based on its business concept and tangible impact, has the greatest influence and opportunity for change and improvement regarding environmental, climate, and social aspects. Our overall goal is to achieve net-zero carbon emissions through the whole value chain by 2040.



Linda Schuur

Head of Sustainability

Focus areas


We strive to be strategically forward-looking and monitor the market to minimize the risks in our value chain and organization.


By reducing our emissions and waste while streamlining the properties’ energy consumption, Stendörren’s total climate and environmental impact can be reduced.


The business is built and developed by motivated and talented employees, together with suppliers and partners.


To ensure a future-proof property portfolio, we work with climate risk assessment and continuously report in accordance with TCFD.


We are a committed and responsible participant in urban development that works together with municipalities and customers to create premises that make a difference.

Current projects

Gradually reduced energy consumption through measures

Resource efficiency is one of the focus areas where Stendörren has the greatest opportunity to reduce their climate impact, primarily by minimizing energy use in existing stock. During 2022, Stendörren’s proactive work resulted in that the properties’ energy consumption continued to be reduced and the share of fossil-free energy increasing further. In 2022, the energy…

Project development with a sustainability profile

In 2022, Stendörren signed a lease agreement with gop Sverige AB. The agreement concerns premises of 2,700 sqm in the logistics building Viby 19:66, which was under construction at the time of the agreement. Stendörren began constructing the logistics building on speculatively at the end of 2021. Brunna in Upplands-Bro is a well-established area with…

UN's Sustainable Development Goals

The nations of the world united in 2015 in Paris to sign the 2030 Agenda, which includes the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). To achieve these SDGs, a collective effort is required on an international, national and local level. Consequently, all companies are called on to include the SDGs in both strategy and reporting.


The company’s slogan “Premises that make a difference” is based on Stendörren’s mission; together with tenants and other business partners, we develop the future of premises with efficient use of resources and energy and sustainable logistics solutions. Stendörren’s greatest carbon footprint comes from developing and managing its properties. To reduce the climate footprint, it is vital for Stendörren to focus on resource efficiency across the value chain, including facility management, renovation, choice of material, new production and type of energy use.


Health and wellness are priority areas for Stendörren. It is important to create the prerequisites for a safe, healthy and sound work environment internally for employees but also for tenants and suppliers. Read more in the “Attractive Employer” section.